how to play the game Slope

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how to play the game Slope

Сообщение lenkalee266 » 15 май 2024, 07:35

Below are instructions on how to play the game Slope:

Move left and right with the arrow keys or the A and D keys.
Hold spacebar to jump slope
Touch the mouse (or press the Enter/Return key) to start playing.
Move through turns and obstacles for as long as possible.
Avoid collisions with walls.
Try to achieve the highest score record.
Your score will increase continuously as you keep moving.
If you collide, the game will end and your score will be displayed.
Try to achieve the highest score record.
Play tips:
Drive carefully and be cautious when moving through curves.
Use jumping techniques to overcome obstacles.
Observe and react promptly to changes on the screen.
Wishing you fun playing Slope game and achieving the highest score!

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